Vintage Star Green Anti-slip


5 tiles per box / 1 m2 per box


This tile collection comes in various colours, each featuring its iconic star design. This decorative touch has added a special look to many projects, both public and private, creating a unique and standout style.

Embrace the allure of history blended with modern functionality with our Vintage Star Green Anti-Slip porcelain tiles. Crafted to add a touch of antiquity to your floors or walls, these tiles echo the grandeur of past eras while meeting contemporary safety standards. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these tiles are more than just a protective surface; they’re a statement of style.


Product Details:


  • Design: Each tile features a mesmerising star pattern in an elegant green hue, set against a backdrop of soft, natural tones. The intricate design is reminiscent of classical encaustic tiles, bringing a storied and artisanal feel to any space.
  • Dimensions: The tiles are available in the practical size of 45×45 cm, ideal for a variety of installation patterns and spaces.
  • Finish: With a specialised anti-slip finish, these tiles ensure safety without sacrificing beauty, providing a secure footing even in wet conditions.
  • Material: These porcelain tiles boast exceptional durability and longevity. They are impervious to moisture, resistant to wear, and able to withstand high traffic, making them an excellent choice for any indoor or outdoor setting.
  • Application: Designed for versatility, the Vintage Star Green Anti-Slip Porcelain Tiles are suitable for both wall and floor installations. They can serve as the focal point in a room or as an accent piece, complementing a wide range of colour schemes and decor styles.
  • Maintenance: The glazed porcelain surface is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only simple care to keep the tiles looking as stunning as the day they were installed.


Why Vintage Star Green Anti-Slip Porcelain Tiles?


Choosing these tiles means infusing your space with a historical charm while ensuring modern-day practicality. They are ideal for homeowners who wish to inject personality into their designs, as well as for businesses looking to add a distinct visual appeal to their premises. These tiles not only adhere to aesthetic values but also cater to the practical need for a safe and durable surface.


The Vintage Star Green Anti-Slip Porcelain Tiles are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their space with a design that is both striking and sensible. With their classic beauty and built-in safety, they make an excellent investment for those who value artistry, heritage, and peace of mind.


Dive into the rich tapestry of the past with a tile that stands the test of time. Choose Vintage Star Green Anti-Slip Porcelain Tiles for an enduring and elegant surface that will be the star of your home or business. 



One box contains 5 pieces (1 m2).

Dimensions 45 × 45 cm